The controversial attitude of Donald Trump about climate change criticized by scientists

More than 2,300 faculty members from California public universities signed a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to take the threat of climate change seriously. There is the fear that the actual administration do not consider this an urgency. Trump, who has characterized climate change as a hoax, has promised to pull out of the Paris environment agreement.

A state of emergency in Florida over 'guacamole-thick' algae

Florida governor declared state of emergency over 'guacamole-thick' algae affecting a stretch of beaches promoted as the state's "Treasure Coast.". Lee and Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties were included. The algae has rapidly grown. The blue-green algae is the latest contaminant featured in  arguments stretching over years involving water flowing from Lake Okeechobee, which is critical to South Florida's water supply and flood control systems.

Princess Cruise Lines Ltd. will pay for environmental violations

Princess Cruise Lines Ltd. (Princess) has agreed to plead guilty to seven felony charges stemming from its deliberate pollution of the seas and intentional acts to cover it up.  The 3,192-passenger Caribbean Princess discharged oily waste into the sea for years through a "magic pipe" that bypassed the ship's waste treatment system.

Prototype idea to clean oceans water of plastic debris

The plastic pollution is killing a huge number of seabirds and marine mammals. A Dutch company, Ocean Cleanup, is testing a system of floating barriers which could help to collect plastic debris from the sea’s surface. The 100 meter-long long V-shaped prototype will be tested in the tough conditions of the North Sea for one year.