Mount Everest lost a rocky ridge

Mont Everest changed, now it’s confirmed ! More precisely, a famous rocky ridge, known as the Hillary Step, has collapsed, making the near-vertical rock potentially even more dangerous to mountain climbers. It was located approximately 28,800 feet above sea level and known as the last obstacle before reaching the top of Mount Everest

The oldest geological treasure ever uncovered, on Hudson Bay, Canada

A piece of ancient granite, encasing volcanic rock that is believed to have survived the Earth's cooling process and belong to our planet's early crust, formed roughly 4.3 billion years ago. It was found by geologists from the University of Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) and the Carnegie Institute for Science (Washington, D.C.) n the Canadian area known as Hudson Bay, Northwestern Quebec.

The controversial attitude of Donald Trump about climate change criticized by scientists

More than 2,300 faculty members from California public universities signed a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to take the threat of climate change seriously. There is the fear that the actual administration do not consider this an urgency. Trump, who has characterized climate change as a hoax, has promised to pull out of the Paris environment agreement.