Scientific controversy about the cholesterol in the human body

Experts concluded now that there is little evidence linking saturated fat consmption with heart disease, diabetes and premature death. Three specialists argued that eating "real food", taking exercise and reducing stress are better ways to stave off heart disease than cutting out dietary saturated fat.

  • Written by Robert Woodward
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Huge upsurge in sugar-free Easter treats reported by Australian chocolatiers

Sugar-free Easter treats varying from vegan Creme Eggs to raw confections, have reportedly seen an increased interest this Easter according to Australian chocolatiers. According to a recent report people are turning away from traditional eggs mainly for health reasons but also to try something new and different.

  • Written by James Mahoney
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Ghost pepper leads to surgery due to torn esophagus

A recent report brought to the public attention the rare, yet life-threatening condition of a 47-year-old man in California, who ate a puree made from the infamous ghost peppers. Their off-the-charts level of spiciness is well known to every fan of hot food as ghost peppers are among the hottest chili peppers in the world.

  • Written by Adam West
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